Media Management

Processing and delivery - all in one place.

BAFTA’s cloud-based media management service BAFTA Electron lets you store, encode and share your video files securely and to optimal standards.

  • Store

    Store Media

    Upload video, audio, image and document files for live or archive storage. You can upload any type of file to your file manager in BAFTA Electron.
  • Encode

    Encode to Multiple Formats

    Encode media files from almost any of the video formats commonly used in production, archiving and distribution. Choose from simple presets for easy streaming or select from our more advanced options. Set encoding presets on folders to save time.
  • Share

    Share and View Media

    Create secure links to share out your media to collaborators and contacts. Choose between view only, view & download, direct download (for larger files) or embed links for sharing.
  • Comment and review

    Commenting & Review

    Review media with your team, making general and time-stamped comments. Works as a live chat review for logged-in users. Checkbox resolve feature for task management.
  • Permissions

    Invite External Uploads

    Create a link and anyone with that link can upload files or folders straight into your file manager without being logged in.
  • Tagging

    Customised Tagging

    Apply custom tags to your files. Custom tags are searchable, making your files easy to find.
  • Invite External Uploads

    User Permissions

    Manage admins, users and permissions within your account. Admins can restrict access per folder for ordinary users.



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  • Live Storage 5GB
  • Archive Storage 5GB
  • Encoding 1HR
  • Data Delivery 5GB



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  • Live Storage 1000GB
  • Archive Storage 2000GB
  • Encoding 20HR
  • Data Delivery 500GB


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  • Encoding Custom
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Our clients and what they say

"BAFTA Electron ismail a simple, reliable and easy-to-navigate cloud-based media management system that has been integral during the preparation period of our debut feature film ZERO.   We look forward to using the system throughout the production, post-production and exhibition stages of the film."
Yaw Basoah, Dark Pictures

"BAFTA's Electron system is designed with the footage researcher in mind, and provides a one-stop shop for the storage, transcoding and distribution of footage files. Using cloud-based technologies it removes the need for local downloads and file structures, and its tracking and commenting systems ensure that researchers and their clients are always in the loop about what's been found and viewed."
Ben Jones, Focal International

"The optimisation of content delivery takes expertise. Electron simplifies the process to give non-expert users the toolset to create and share optimised content – digital video tailored for use."
Jack Reichhold, Film London

"I use Bafta Electron as it effectively combines the functions of both Vimeo and Wetransfer in one neat package whilst adding powerful encoding tools into the bargain."
Daniel Dalton, BAFTA

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