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Simplifies end-to-end processes for applications, awards entry, judging and voting


Manage your entire workflow, from online grant applications, communication and review

For Awards Management

In 2018, BAFTA Nucleus handled over 26,000 submissions across all our customers

BAFTA Nucleus simplifies awards management with secure intuitive entry forms and automated online payments. The system offers secure data management, seamless video management and password protected accounts for awards, admin, entrants and judges.

  • Forms

    Customisable Entry Forms

    Nucleus is a flexible, intuitive and secure form-builder with seamless asset collection, which can help with a range of processes from awards entries to applications.
  • Tools

    Sophisticated Admin Tools

    Intuitive dashboard displaying entries and payments. Strong admin checking processes for entries and associated assets, with admins able to add comments and unsubmit entries. Visibility on unsubmitted entries and entrants’ dashboards.
  • Voting

    Integrated Voting

    Online voting, scoring, comments and ranking.
  • Judges

    Customisable Viewing Site For Judges

    Choose which information you show to your judges. They can view all information and media (including video streaming or download) all in one place.
  • Dashboard

    Intuitive Dashboard For Entrants

    An easy interface simplifies the entry process with submissions, asset uploads and payments all in one place. Entrants can save forms and create PDFs as they go along.
  • Payment

    Online Payment

    Seamless integrated payments mean there’s no need for chasing.

Our clients and what they say

"Nucleus has been a real benefit in helping us track user data and activity (our previous system definitely didn't have the capacity to do this), which has helped with chasing submissions and entrants. We've also received around 95% of payments for the completed submissions by the deadline – totally unprecedented. The more we use and understand Nucleus, the more ways we see it helps."
Focal International

"The BAFTA Awards Entry System is a great resource… the Royal Television Society has benefited from it hugely. We would definitely recommend it to others. It has reduced our costs dramatically.”
Royal Television Society

"Our previous system’s unreliabilty and limited functionality prompted a lot of complaints. BAFTA Nucleus is professional, reliable and sophisticated, and knowing it is managed and used by BAFTA makes it attractive for companies working in film, TV and media"
Film & Television Charity

"We no longer have to spend weeks packing judging materials and posting them out. We would 100% recommend it; ultimately, it has really helped on the upsale of our awards"
MBI Media