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Simplifies end-to-end processes for applications, awards entry, judging and voting


Manage your entire workflow, from online grant applications, communication and review

For Grant Management

In 2018, BAFTA Nucleus handled over 26,000 submissions across all our customers

BAFTA Nucleus supports grant management with secure flexible application forms and automatic eligibility testing. The system offers secure data management, supporting documentation uploads and highly configurable application assessment.

  • Forms

    Dynamic Forms

    Highly customisable forms that can dynamically populate based on the applicants' responses.
  • Tools

    Multiple File Upload

    Allow applicants to attach various supporting documents and media to their applications.
  • Voting

    Save & Resume

    Easy applicant dashboard that allows them to save, resume and review their applications.
  • Judges

    Automatic Eligibility Tests

    Create in form or on submission eligibility checks to ensure only eligible applications are submitted.
  • Dashboard

    Multi-stage Approval Process

    Flexible approval has stages for in-depth review by internal admins, shortlisting and a customisable viewing site for external assessors.
  • Payment

    Integrated Feedback

    Online commenting, scoring and ranking for assessing applications.
  • Payment


    Highly secure site that supports your GDPR compliance

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